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2021 Paint By Numbers Kits Uk VM97282
£ 14.99
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  • D****l
    I received this as a birthday gift. I usually paint in water colours but for the past three years I have suffered with vestibular neuritis and that has meant my painting has suffered as my brain doesn't seem to be able to cope with creativity too well any more.

    I was a bit dubious about going back to painting by numbers after childhood days when they were basic pictures but have enjoyed doing this.

    The canvas was rolled, which is better than having it folded and so crease mark in it. The paints seem fresh but the brushes are not suitable for small intricate work (just as well I have loads of good brushes)

    All in all, it has been quite enjoyable during lock down. Arrival was quite good and it is nice that I also received a paper copy with the numbers on it as sometimes it is not easy to see the ones on canvas. However, being 74yo, I do need to use a magnifying glass to see some of the numbers.