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2021 Paint By Numbers Kits Uk YM187
£ 14.99
Reviews (17)
  • Ei****ld
    Loved doing this one,
  • Ja****is
    Fantastic project over Christmas, I loved every minute, the end result is a master piece. Starting another paint by numbers tomorrow, a lion. So glad I found this site, will certainly be buying some more given we are effectively in lock down again!
  • DE****on
    I bought this painting as a Christmas present for my adopted Granddaughter so I will have to post a review at a later date.
  • Pa****an
    Loved doing this. Found that the purple colour had to be used a bit sparingly. Could have done with a bit more.
  • Ca****rn
    Really enjoyed doing this. My favourite of the ones I've done so far. Just difficult enough to be satisfying, but not too fiddly. A very pleasing result.
  • Ch****ng
    Sunflower Diy Paint By Numbers Kits Uk YM-4050-187 ZX80009
  • Ch****ey
    Enjoyed completing the painting. The numbers were a bit tricky and small in places. Takes time and patience to complete but worth it. Kept me focused and entertained.
  • P****y
    I love their paint by numbers , I’m happily working on another one now, customer service very good, didn’t give 5 stars as I’ve had issues with paint colours not matching the coding , and now With my present painting I’m doing, some of the pots are less than half full so I’ve had to make colours out of old paints I kept,
  • K****y
    Absolutely fantastic company. Great service. Thank you x
  • Ja****aw
    Sunflower Diy Paint By Numbers Kits Uk YM-4050-187 ZX80009
  • Ja****ng
    Another great painting, really enjoy doing these
  • M****a
    This paint by numbers was one of three gift purchases which were made as one order. Disappointingly, they did not come individually boxed, but were instead all rolled up together and so make very poor gifts.
    The sets were good, but I hadn’t realised how tiny the detail would be and this has meant my mother requires a magnifying glass to paint hers despite having normal eyesight for a 70 year old.
  • S****a
    The end result looked just like the picture. I had very good time painting this. The brush set that comes with it is good also.
  • Ch****ee
    Beautiful piece of art! I can't wait until we have it all painted so we can hang it up!
  • g****n
    Obsessed,love it very much and will hang up soon in my wall,the works are so vibrant,highly recommended this company
  • F****y
    This is a pretty picture to do when u want fun colors..I've done a little work on it, I can't wait till it's finished.A lot of numbers, u need a lot of patience...Overall this is a good set.
  • H****d
    It requires some painting skills to paint this painting. But it does have detailed guides to teach people who don't have previous experience. Can't wait to paint.