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2021 Paint By Numbers Kits Uk VM54500
£ 14.99
Reviews (4)
  • A****y
    Almost finished my painting. Still can’t tell what’s it’s meant to be as I bought it a few months ago. Checked the image on the website to what it’s meant to look like and WHAT A SCAM. My colours aren’t even some what the same as this image and you can’t tell what the painting is. I have took my time with this making sure I have painted in the lines. So so disappointed

    As you can see in the photos most of the paint is either grey, brown and yellow
  • Te****ht
    Looking forward to start.
  • H****l
    Haven't done a painting by numbers since I was a girl. Purchased 3 and loving doing them. One already on the wall and second one soon to be finished. Good size and something that I can completely immerse myself in. Numbers clear and brushes are good quality.
  • Em****th
    Landscape Diy Paint By Numbers Kits UK VM54500