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Reviews (13)
  • Sa****es
    Very intricate and hard but very worthwhile
  • Tr****rt
    Good fun and absorbing to do
  • R****e
    An intricate design which requires concentration, but well worth the effort as a great end result
  • J****H
    This is my first ever PBN and it turned out great. I almost ran out of the dark blue background colour but just about made it. It’s hanging on my wall now! Very pleased, though I could have done with a print out to help locating colours as some of the numbers were very faint. Looks amazing though!
  • Me****le
    I think getting this kit for my first attempt at painting by numbers was a bit ambitious!
    I had a lot of fun doing it during lockdown, but did become pretty frustrated by not being able to read some the numbers, even with a magnifying glass.
    Am also having trouble finding a frame to fit as it is a slightly odd size.
    But am quite happy with the outcome.
  • St****ti
    The quality of everything is amazing!
  • B****a
    Beautiful picture, I haven't painted it yet so dont know what the finished picture will be like yet. However, the attention to detail in the base drawing makes me think it will be as good as it looks. Very happy so far.
  • K****e
    Absolutely love this! It is so much fun to do. It's extremely detailed and has given me weeks of fun , I will definitely be ordering another one. Only bad thing is that in some of the very small blocks you can't make out what number is inside, but that doesn't happen often.
    I've learnt that if you mix the paints with a small bit of water it makes it much easier to get around the intricate edges.
  • Ph****ck
    Came as advertised with full kit can’t wait to get started
  • So****ks
    Such a lovely kit
  • Ke****ne
    My first paint by numbers project. Thoroughly enjoying my lockdown project!
  • N****.
    This painting was fun to do! It took me 2 weeks to complete while I was recovering from surgery so had lots of time.
  • H****E
    Very happy with this paint by number. Came out great.