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Reviews (13)
  • Ma****ki
    Your product gave me the chance to enjoy painting like famous artist. Greaf fun.
  • L****e
    I loved my paint by numbers art work and thought it was excellent value for money, however there was a mix up with my colours, I was given two number ones, which were two different blacks but I just assumed they were the same until I came to use the second one and then realised that this should have been a number the one I used instead of the number one that was in the pallet, maybe who knows, it’s kind of messed it up as there’s a lot of number ones to cover and I’m not sure which is a number one now. My portrait still looks good.
  • Da****ge
    Great fun. Some numbers are a bit small so you have to wing it a little.
    Other than that it was a great way to pass some time and the end result was good! Will definitely do it again.
  • Ka****ey
    I ordered 3 kits, one didn't arrive but they quickly sent a replacement. They are lovely quality and an enjoyable activity for lockdown life.
  • El****on
    The picture is lovely but certain colours such as the yellows and oranges don’t apply perfectly unfortunately. The areas to paint are much bigger than the paint brushes so a perfect application of one of these colours is difficult, making the painting a little patchy. Looks good from a distance though!
  • Ly****on
    Great. Loving it
  • B****a
    I loved this print and the process creating it. If you can get over the wait time of the shipment of the order, this is so worth it!
  • RA****en
    I’ve had loads of paintings from VictoriasMoon , never disappointed ,hours of fun takes you away from the terrible times at the moment,highly recommend
  • s****9
    I bought this for a beginner painter. She was ecstatic! She's had great success in painting this beautiful painting.
  • O****P
    Complicated painting, lots of tiny bits. Fun though, and I think I like how it came out.
  • M****y
    My favorite. Still working in it
  • K****B
    Product came with all the paint colors needed and 3 brushes. It was fun to use and turned out a lot better than I thought it would! The packaging was a little bland looking, but overall I was highly pleased with this purchase!
  • sa****14
    Good quality canvas, frame and paint that really covers the numbers and each brush stroke lays like silk.