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Reviews (8)
  • Da****le
    Landscape Snow Forest Diy Paint By Numbers Kits Uk VM91513
  • Je****ll
    While I enjoyed doing the paintings , I feel the colours , particularly the blue is too overwhelming making the whole painting wrong. This is my view and also my sisters.
  • M****a
    My daughter and I bought 2 different paintings, this being one of them. Whilst I didn’t expect my final picture to turn out like the one pictured, I was presently surprised. However, I would advise you to not get despondent half way through as it is not until you get near the end that it looks any good. Paints can become a bit thick which is easily rectified with a tiny amount of water.
    I found that I could pick it up and put it down when ever I had some time and found it very relaxing.
  • ok****va
    It was challenging, but fun.
  • Q****e
    Be sure to order the framed canvas..... otherwise it gets crazy trying to find an individual single frame.
  • J****a
    This product was great!
  • n****y
    I have no artistic ability but I have plenty of patience which is all you need to do this painting. It was so much fun and it turned out great!
  • Na****ht
    This is a great tool for learning how to paint.... the focus and attention to detail helps to train the brain for future free-form creative painting