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Reviews (5)
  • Ma****ue
    Present was exactly what was wanted
  • Be****ly
    I think I was over- ambitious in my choice. The octopus design is so complicated and the numbering isnt very clear. I've spent a long time going over it and making the numbering more obvious. Also I needed to order better brushes as the design is so intricate. It needs more skill than I have. Not for beginners!
  • Ai****au
    Have not had a chance to paint it yet, but the canvas is excellent quality.
  • C****o
    I ordered this from the US, so it took awhile to get here, but I was pleasantly surprised at the low cost of shipping, and everything came packed securely in a box with the canvasses rolled up. Even though the corner of the box was dinged a bit, the canvases and paints were all safe and sound.

    I also liked that the paints seemed a bit less thick than some other kits I've used, where I always have to mix in water before I start using a color to make the paint thin enough to go on smoothly. My only complaint is that the two lightest reds were almost used up, so I really had to stretch them to get the whole picture done, probably because they weren't so thick, it took a couple coats to get good coverage.

    I love how it came out! I did mix the lightest orange color with a bit of red to make it less bright.
  • El****tt
    Great to relax take mind off things