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Reviews (13)
  • Br****ds
    Flower Diy Paint By Numbers Kits UK VM97620
  • Ro****en
    Have not completed the painting yet, arrived safe and looks promising long delay in receiving it but am aware that it was because of the circumstances of the virus.
  • Ca****ar
    Loved it. Found it very meditative. Easy cleaning of brushes. Did run out of black so had to take extra from another painting. Having the digital copy was a huge help. The final painting looks great. Have already ordered more paintings
  • C****G
    Printed canvas easy to read, ample paint to complete the task. Enjoyable experience from purchase to
    completion of 'painting'
  • Br****ey
    This was my first purchase from VictoriasMoon and I’m very impressed with both the speedy delivery and the quality of the item itself!
    My Mum was really pleased with the painting I chose for her and has since completed it! She really enjoyed doing it and was so surprised to see these paint by numbers sets again as she hadn’t seen one for years. Definitely a thumbs up from us!!
  • DI****on
    As described
  • s****w
    The number is clear so I didn’t have to strain my eyes too much.
  • Al****ns
    That the finished result will not look like the specified picture above should be clear to everyone. It is best to hang it on a further distant wall, then it looks more like it, not close. The colours are very beautiful and creamy and have been loosely enough for all fields.
  • Re****ie
    You paint and paint and paint:)))
    Beautiful picture. If you bought this for the child, you can set it to finish painting the picture. Ours painted a third at most. All parents who do not want to paint should buy their children a smaller picture.:))
  • Ch****ne
    I Thought it need do second layers of paint on a few spaces, but it turned out alright.
  • ra****nt
    This was first paint by number and I loved it. It was super easy to follow.
  • Mi****er
    My wife draws and paints quite fond and wanted to relax times try such a painting by numbers image.
    Colors and brushes are included, so she could get started right away and it works so far as well. With some practice, you can also get the partially very small places precisely painted.
  • Ro****ez
    I can only recommend it and would order it again at any time!