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Reviews (9)
  • Ma****od
    This took me 3 -4 weeks to complete and the end result looks fantastic
  • Br****es
    Not done it yet but our daughter has and says it’s fantastic
  • El****es
    I was very pleased with my purchases
  • K****i
    Green window with white roses. I am really enjoying this. There wasn’t enough of the dark blue/ black. A couple of the paint pots came open in transit. One was almost completely dry, luckily not much of that colour was required. Took a month for delivery, but this was expected and I was able to track the order the entire journey. I liked that the canvas was rolled, not folded.
  • Ma****er
    Perfect product for passing hours in lockdown. Amazing results!
  • Le****on
    Took some time to arrive but in fact it arrived on my birthday! So it was an extra special surprise to me! I've completed one of my three and I'm super impressed with the paint quality, the amount of paint too and the amount of brushes/options, this is a fantastic company and I think I will definitely consider your other painting bits in future (once I've finished the other two) ? thanks again!! All framed and ready to go on the wall!
  • Jo****ch
    I love these paint by number kits! Make sure you get one that is framed, it makes the finished product easy to display.
  • L****B
    This was my first paint by numbers ever. It turned out beautiful!!! Highly recommend!
  • D****H
    I am so happy I bought this. It is beautiful. Enough paint and the brushes were great.