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Reviews (5)
  • Ri****ds
    Having noticed a few sections of the picture which are without numbers, I refered back to the image on the website. However, the image on the website is far more detailed when compared to the one you recieve to paint. There is no boat in the water, the cables from the bridge in the middle are missing, the house, cars and mountains are unrecognisable. I would not reccomend this image for purchase.
  • Di****ed
    There was plenty of paint to complete the entire project and no instructions are necessary since you simply match the number on the canvas with the number on the paint pots.
  • Li****rl
    The numbering is dark which need me to paint over it many times.but i still make good comment on it,bacause they are worthy.
  • G****n
    The painting turned out beautiful and I can't wait to frame it.
  • s****f
    I got this and it became a easy project for me and my older sister. So fun and beautiful outcome.