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Reviews (4)
  • Ma****on
    My 10 year old loved doing this - the picture is super cute and it was achievable in a day which was brilliant.
  • Ch****uz
    I painted this a few hours a week for a few weeks. End product was amazing. Don't get creative! Just do the numbers in order, and do black last. Gives you a chance too correct any errors.
  • An****ay
    I never claimed to be an artist, but after my first paint by number, I am addicted! This was the very first one that I ordered. It comes with all of the colors, brushes and instructions that you need. The only think I recommend, is to have it put on a frame or a board before you begin. Doing this made it easier to see the numbers and begin your painting!
  • Ha****al
    Excellent paint-by-numbers kit. The included paint was more than enough to fill the canvas, and dried to a beautiful and shiny finish. The paint bubbles were also the perfect size. Some paint-by-number kits include minuscule bubbles which are really hard to fill in. These were just the right size and were easy to see. The canvas itself was fairly large too. Great project.