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Reviews (3)
  • J****e
    I really enjoyed painting this and I am really pleased with the end result. I have knocked off one star however as some of the colours are not what I expected. The image on the website suggests it is black, white and grey but the paints included blue, green and beige. And one proper grey colour was only needed for one tiny square at the bottom of the picture. The background dark grey colour is also darker than the black/grey for the body of the cat and this is the other way round on all the images. This has not spoilt the overall effect of the picture though and I would definitely purchase again.
  • M****C
    This is my second PBN project and I absolutely love doing it.They supply a paper numbered picture which I refer to for the numbers as well.I do love PBN, it is relaxing and lets me create with oil paints.
  • SH****AN
    Beautiful packaged and shipping was extremely fast. Can hardly wait to start painting on it.