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  • S****a
    Really enjoyed doing this except for some of the lighter colours. No matter how many times I went over them the numbers and lines showed through.
  • W****H
    I was. Blown away with how many colours this picture had. This was my fourth painting from VictoriasMoon
    All well packaged. Very easy to use and each painting offers challenging yet rewarding results
    My only criticism is the paintbrushes could be better quality.
  • Mr****on
    Very happy with the kit and I was so enthralled with it that I completed it in less than a week. I would suggest that buyers secure the canvas to a piece of plywood to keeo it flat and secure. The smallest areas to paint are quite challenging so I would suggest that these are painted first. I have now got three more painting kits on the way.
  • Su****am
    Great product really enjoyed the process so much so I have ordered another 3 paintings that’s 6 in all,I’m running out of walls to hang them on !!!!
  • Pa****on
    IAm an artist and tried your PBN out and found them excellent. I look forward to having another.
    I had to get my daughter to order it for me as I dont have a paypal account but could pay be debit card. Thank you, I am promoting your product to all my friends. Paul R Coxon.
  • V****A
    Great product, a little more difficult than my daughter thought it would be but very nice.
  • R****y
    I really love this product. I followed the numbers exactly. It comes out kind of abstract but still very pretty. Of course if you have more experience with painting you could probably make it look more realistic.The colors are very pretty and came with plenty of paint so you don't have to be sparing with it. The kit came with everything but the frame. The brushes from the kit is very good to use. Also easy to clean. Follow by the number is very easy to get it done. It took me several days to complete. One thing is not that perfect will be the box arrived with some damaged but no effect anything.
  • L****s
    The paint looks good with symmetry tree and shadows. It comes with pigment and brushes. What I do is painting. No additional stuff needed. Very convenient.
  • M****E
    Girlfriend loved it good price, came quick ... great value