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Reviews (19)
  • Ja****tt
    Once again the quality is very good but once again totally different colour to advertised
  • C****n
    Color red not to good, you can still see the numbers. Otherwise ok. Looks nice finished
  • H****y
    This is far from finished at the moment but this painting is looking great. This gives my mum something to do now she is retired. Can't wait for the final product!!
  • Ja****on
    Very good value
  • S****m
    Really enjoyed this one. Although the paints provided are different shades to the picture �
  • Na****an
    Bought for the kids in lockdown they were fantastic to keep them occupied
  • M****l
    Iam Very pleased with my purchase and would buy again. Wish the price was a little lower but overall decent value.
  • De****E.
  • Pe****ea
    The picture came slightly wrinkled, but i think that it is stubborn, the goods went to sverdle. Region 3 weeks
  • E****h
    It's amazing! I never really got into the whole adult coloring phase, it just stresses me out and my pictures never turned out amazing like other people's lol but this is very simple and it comes out very pretty! It's easy to do because you don't have to worry about picking colors you just paint. I got one for me and my sister and we spend a few hours on it almost everyday! It slowly but surely comes together � I really recommend this product. ALSO I noticed a few people complaining about the fact that it's folded, however it was gently folded and it's still easy to paint. The paint dries fast so I tend to just fold it up and stick it in my purse with one of the paint strips and the brushes it's nice �When you're done you can frame it and it's fine, also if you'd like you can flip it over before you paint and iron the back of it to get the creases out.
  • vi****85
    Still a great challenge and a stress reliever.
  • Cu****ne
    Nice painting practice. Good quality
  • J****s
    Very nice canvas, came with brushes and paints. Very easy to understand.
  • J****l
    I can't say it looks exactly like the picture but it's nice enough to hung on my wall.
  • M****i
    I am always poor in painting,but i can paint this easily.
  • El****lo
    Came all well packed, but the brushes are all broken, the canvas is good
  • Al****on
    Made this for my Parents for their Wedding Anniversary and MOM loved it!!! Dad of course, was like, hey, its nice, but what do you expect from a dad... I put it on a wooden support frame before I painted it and then found a super cheap frame on the clearance rack at Michaels that fit it perfectly! Mom has it hung in the living room, first thing you see when you enter their house. It was easy to do, numbers are clear (although another kit has faded as I've taken longer to work on it and it has gotten sun bleached just sitting there. That's to be expected though. I would recommend this company to anyone.
  • G****z
    Very time consuming but rewarding and fun. This painting comes with many paint colors. The finished product/painting is very pretty and I’ve had a ton of compliments.
  • B****a
    The whole came, as in the description everything corresponds, still in the process of work .