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Reviews (5)
  • Dr****rB
    I have successfully ordered paint by numbers from this company before and been very pleased with their results. Unfortunately, this time the prints had been folded rather than rolled so were unusable. After a few emails, they did send out replacements free of charge.
    I have just completed this print but it is a LOT darker than the image on the website and the print sent out with the paints. It is a gift for my niece who dances but I am worried she won’t like it this dark. I wonder if I was sent the wrong paints.
  • Pe****ds
    Another excellent and enjoyable PBN painting - my 4th so far!
  • Fi****ll
    Beautifully done! Easy to follow
  • Li****es
    Fabulous product, took a long time to get here but brilliant once we got it
  • N****S
    Brought back my love for painting again. The colours are so intense and vibrant. No need to dilute. Really enjoyed it. Got loads of compliments on the completed picture. ?Now starting my second one. Highly recommend xx