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Reviews (7)
  • Li****is
    Great painting, enjoyed doing this one.
  • M****e
    I was looking for something to stop me reaching for snacks and this was ideal, I had to concentrate on what I was doing, and it was a lovely mindful experience. I enjoyed seeing my Buddha come to life, and have re-used an old frame to back it and display it (I squared off the canvas). This Buddha one is far better than the Darth Vader one I’m working on now (from the same site), as that one has numbers that are far too large, they’re difficult to cover with the paint and they overlap each other and aren’t within the lines so it’s more complicated to follow. For both of these canvases, it was really useful to get a paper copy of the image, so that you can check what number should be where (if you’ve overpainted a number slightly or want to do a second coat). I’ve tried one other from a large well known website that sells everything, but that didn’t come with a paper copy to help with those scenarios. Overall these are good value (I got 3 for 2), and I received them quickly, and I’ve enjoyed them, this Buddha one in particular.
  • G****E
    Nice picture
  • Pr****an
    It is what I ordered
  • S****z
    Good experience on it.
  • Ma****te
    I am trying my best to finish it in one week!
  • M****t
    So much fun !