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Reviews (7)
  • Na****or
    Very good
  • Sh****in
    This was an excellent way to spend my time, and the end result was very pleasing.

    Please note, The picture uses LOT of black, and a small amount of other colours, EG, the yellow and green are little splatters here and there, but the same amount of paint was provided for all! extra black paint will be recommended for this, or keep the border white, as now I have a half complete black bar at the top (as shown in image attached, when the painting was half complete and I had run out of black, as this was my first painting, i made the mistake of starting from the top and hoping to finish the border first, it was only later that i realised that the black paint wasn't just for the border and needed for details within the main body), waiting for hobby shops to open to purchase more black to complete the border of this otherwise, v.satisfying piece.

    postage took way longer that thought, even with covid, but the product itself was brilliant, good quality paint, good quality canvas and a satisfying way to spend my free time in the evenings :) will consider buying another one from here in the future :)
  • AL****RO
    Got it in just 2 days and it's exactly what I expected!
  • j****e
    Fun product!
  • Sa****ng
  • pa****le
    Finished product will need to be stretched and framed.
  • H****M
    Easy to do