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Reviews (13)
  • El****ck
    Elephant Diy Paint By Numbers Kits Uk WM1058
  • Ro****ds
    This is one of the harder PBN, lots of tiny spaces - once done it looks amazing. My main criticism, there are no instructions. I guess people know the numbered paint pot equates to the number on the canvas, but it would be nice to have some hints and tips. I started with the lighter colours, because the darker colours, go over the ‘joins’ better. Also, how to thin the paint, as some pots are very thick. And ideas about framing.
  • Le****bs
    Nice when finished but lots and lots of tiny numbers some numbers too small to read so had to make some up as I went along.
  • L****p
    love it love it love it.
    3rd painting complete.. loving these quality painting by numbers best on the market
  • N****e
    Everything you need is provided
  • Ke****re
    This is beautiful and easy to read. The canvas is so nice and it comes with two sets of instructions to help you see any numbers.
  • Go****es
    I really liked the painting.
  • Su****ue
    This is what I was looking for.I will experience it well.
  • a****e
    Take your time and all will be fine.I will have a interesting day with it!!!
  • Be****er
    Very pretty, very fast delivery.Absolutely love it!
  • Ja****ti
    It's so excited when i received it.Numbers are well placed and very easy to follow. Colors are beautiful! Can't wait to complete it to order another one
  • S****i
    Very detailed and not sure when I'll finish it but the paints are nice and i hope more people to love it!
  • An****ee
    I was surprised at nice the paint by numbers was.I think It is great value for the price.