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Reviews (7)
  • Ch****sh
    Very good quality, some boxes are small and the numbers hard to read but I will definitely order again
  • Po****on
    I bought three pictures and this was the most difficult to complete and I thought it would be the easiest. Some of the numbers were written in very small and I need a magnifying glass to see them. Also I received some blue paint for one of the colours which should have been red according to the key on the side. Despite difficulties the end result is a nice picture
  • M****e
    I wanted to take up a new hobby and am a horrible painter but wanted to create something pretty- paint by number was perfect. This set comes with all the paints, and three paint brushes. The canvas is folded up in a small box and will have creases.
  • El****lo
    Great product! Arrived in perfect shape and as described!
  • D****e
    Is much more difficult than it looks! I was happy that it came with everything I needed though I just hope I can make it look even semi-good.
  • A****y
    Why waste your time on TV when you can have fun, reproduce art and develop skills? Can't wait to see this painting finished! Everything included except the framing of course.
  • J****r
    Big hit with the family. Now I have to order a lot more.