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Reviews (7)
  • D****C
    Super product - really pleased
  • He****ll
    Received these and although I have not started them yet they look very easy to follow, everything is included and the size of the prints are fabulous for the price, have recommended a few friends
  • Pr****la
    I didn't realize it was on canvas, which is nice. I haven't started to paint it yet, but the instructions alone were pretty entertaining.
  • O****L
    I'm actually still in the process of painting but I'm super pleased with this! The numbers are clear and easy to read. Like other reviewers said the paint is acrylic and not oil but that doesn't bother me. There are a lot of tiny details so be prepared for that the brushes are ok for this but i also have smaller detail brushes so thats always something to look into as well. I bought this as a way to relax and help with my stress and it's working for me. A few hours a day all I do is this. It's really awesome to see your painting coming together
  • Au****sa
    Love this kit - still in process, but one of my favorite paint-by-numbers of the few I've tried so far. The paint brushes are nice, you get an extra paper sheet that shows all the numbers in case you accidentally painted over it, or can't read the number on the canvas. I've only got 3 colors left to paint but it looks so great so far.
  • Le****er
    saw this on a Facebook ad, and found it cheaper here . So far I am loving painting this! I came with all the needed parts and paint, the canvas you are painting on is high quality. Great new relaxing hobby!
  • Ka****am
    I had a lot of fun with this and I would recommend spending the extra money on the framed one instead of just the canvas. Otherwise you will have to go and frame it yourself.