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Reviews (7)
  • er****ey
    Lovely quality canvas, paint pots are a bit odd as the the numbers on the pots aren’t the numbers on the canvas, so a “key” is supplied, which makes things awkward unless you re label the pots.
    I ordered 3 and they all arrived with the exact same packaging, which meant I had to open them all to find which box contained each picture and then I had to print out a picture from the website, to indicate to the recipient, which painting they’d received, which I think is a bit poor?
    The price was reasonable, I wouldn’t say superb value for money as Ive also had to purchase better paint brushes as the ones supplied were cheap, nasty and kept losing bristles.
    So, for the canvas itself, yes, nice quality, for the rest, pretty rubbish. Delivery was really slow, appreciate its dispatched from France, so is going to take a while (and Id ordered with loads of time to spare), but it was over 2 weeks before I even got an item dispatched email.
    Not sure Id use the same company again, but Id probably look for just the canvas and then purchase paints and brushes separately.
    Saying all this, now my son has finished his, it does look good mounted on a frame.
  • An****re
    Paints were varying consistency and some sections did not have numbers on them. Not complete set of fixings however we are planning to frame it so these were not needed anyway. Overall enjoyable to paint and painting looks good.
  • U****T
    It is almost impossible to get the creases out. I hope that when I frame the finished product, the remaining creases will disappear.
  • T****C
    Love it
  • J****J
    I just like it.
  • s****y
    Love it all!
  • re****ly
    I would recommend buying your own set of small brushes for the small areas. I think it turned out pretty good!