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Reviews (9)
  • K****i
    This was my first paint by numbers, and I loved it. The colours are great, the areas to paint are small enough and big enough. There were a few fields that I couldn't read the number on, it was too fudged, and it was too small on the paper version too. But these areas were very small, so a nearby colour worked well.
    My only problem is that my daughter wanted it in her room, but I had other plans for it :)
  • Tr****en
    Would recommend you first take a camera picture before you start panting - since its easy to obscure what the number a section should be!
  • G****l
    Excellent experience
  • Ju****am
    Good for quarantine entertainment, the rolled canvas was great, paints of a good quality, and the brush was good.
  • H****D
    I had fun painting this. It turned out great! My friends gave it so many likes on Facebook! My brushes look like new still, I washed with Dawn and water between colors. I have ordered 2 more to do. It took me approx 30 hours to complete.
  • Gw****yn
    Loved this. I would recommend getting one that's already mounted on the frame, because I understand is going to be expensive to have mounted. You cannot get the creases out of it even by ironing. It will have to be stretched.
  • Mi****er
    These are so much fun. This is the second I’ve ordered and I’ve noticed a pattern. If you’re wanting a high quality painting, then don’t do a paint by numbers. Lol. The colors are always a little different in real life than on the picture. I don’t like how splotchy paint by numbers become, but I have really enjoyed it. On this painting, I added a few things and changed some colors. I couldn’t tell the people apart from the background otherwise. These look fantastic from across the room. Would buy again.
  • Jo****am
    Picture is exactly how it looks! Love this, and so has everyone else who has seen it.I have it in a frame already and it looks amazing, no one can tell it was paint by numbers, it is that realistic and beautiful. No paint mixing required for it, just number match.
  • Mi****er
    Is this supposed to be relaxing??? Maybe I have absolutely no patience but I wanted to rip my hair out while doing this. There are a million numbers on this thing and it took a really long long longgggggg time to finish. If you’re into this sort of stuff, you will love it. Ends up looking really nice at the end but you will need way more patience than I have.