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Reviews (6)
  • M****y
    This is the third paint by numbers I have done and my only complaint about this picture in particular is that there were bits which didn't have numbers, so I had to guess some of them.

    The black and green colours were used at both the top and the bottom and I was worried, I was going to run out of paint, had I not done any before that may have been the case, but I used water on the brush to water those 2 colours down a bit to make them last, however, the other colours, I had plenty of.

    Turned out OK in the end I think.
  • Ze****ik
    Although I haven’t started this yet, But I’m also so excited to receive it!
  • K****e
    I really love the finished product, I even tempted to buy one for myself again.
  • S****G
    It came out so good but I don't have a frame so i would buy one to frame it.
  • C****i
    Can’t wait to try this!
  • Kr****ye
    There is no fear that the paint is not enough. It is absolutely more than enough. This thing is an addictive picture.