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Reviews (21)
  • An****on
    This was a gift
  • El****ne
    Nice picture �
  • Ga****ok
    Elephant Diy Paint By Numbers Kits Uk WM715
  • ja****es
    The item was a Christmas present for my daughter in law who likes adult paint by numbers. The item arrived in time for Christmas and she was pleased with it.
  • S****a
    This is a lovely image and the way the colours and shapes come together is excellent.
    I would say however that some of the colours are a little bit off and it’s worth you mixing them to a different tone.
    Paints provided for numbers 15 and 18 are almost exactly the same - basically black. In the seller’s image above 15 is actually quite a few tones lighter, which gives much better distinction in the tree and in the elephants.
    Similar comment for numbers 17 and 24 - the pots I have look exactly the same colour. Really 24 should be a few tones lighter to emphasise the brighter part of the setting sun.
    And the colour provided for number 21 is utterly wrong. I’ve got something close to black; per the seller’s image this should be a mid-red. In my image below the white around the tree is all 21 - it makes no sense at all for this to be black.
    I did a bit of mixing to make my own colours for 15, 17 and 21 - as per the completed image below.
    I really enjoyed doing the painting and am pleased with the final outcome - I did try to explain to the seller the issue with the paint colours, so hopefully they’ll change them for future kits.
  • Jo****ng
    Bought 3 for 2 and just started painting 1 all good so far, and if being hyper critical would say disappointed in folded packaging (after storage in tube for a couple of days was ok) and quality of Paper Print out was poor but overall very satisfied and would definitely recommend as very good value for money
  • ch****es
    loved doing it
  • Th****le
    Elephant Diy Paint By Numbers Kits Uk WM-715
  • Ma****rd
    Has kept my son George occupied for hours during lockdown and a welcome break from his console. Brilliant product nice finished picture*****5 star
  • Su****th
    Super fun, with great results. Now framed and on the wall
  • Ad****es
    Bought these for our anniversary, my Wife loves them, good quality and easy to use. I will lose my Wife for hours!!�
  • La****ll
    Amazing quality set! The pictures are so detailed. Plenty of paint and the brushes are fine to get you through. So enjoyable to do and the end result is so effective. Can’t wait to finish the others
  • Ka****od
    It took a while to arrive but it has now and looks great. I've ordered some different paintbrushes as some bits are really tiny!
  • wi****ey
    Absolutely fantastic. Very enjoyable. 10 out of 10
  • E****y
    I am absolutely loving my elephant paint by numbers kit which provides everything I need to make a lovely piece of art! It’s a present I’m doing for my mother, and the process of completing it is also keeping me entertained and keeping my mind at ease during these unprecedented times :)
  • Lo****rd
    I am absolutely delighted with it
  • Je****nd
    Strong quality canvas and fresh paints.everything is so nice,i thanks everyone!
  • Fe****ez
    My husband and i both like the painting,this belongs to us as a gift.
  • C****e
    I wait half of one month for my elephant painting,the company service is so good.
  • b****n
    These elephants with sunset made a beautiful scenery!