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Reviews (5)
  • L****g
    Good kit but many numbers not legible or missing.
  • Ma****ne
    I’ve really enjoyed painting this- found it really absorbing and addictive to do! I’ve almost finished it in 2 weeks, around a full time job! The picture looks great, especially from a distance.
    The only issue is some of the paints have gone a bit thick and lumpy and are now quite hard to apply. Also some of the paints (especially the yellow ones) don’t cover the numbers very well).
  • B ****on
    I have really enjoyed this painting kit. I’m not the most artistic person in the world but I’d like to be, and this kit has allowed me to paint a lovely picture all by myself (well sort of!). The lines and numbers show really clearly where the different colours have to go, it’s so easy and really relaxing.
    My only criticism would be that some of the paints are quite thin so the preprinted lines and numbers show through them unless numerous coats of paint are applied.
  • S****n
    This painting was so much fun to you. I was hooked. I’m currently ordering a couple more and thought I’d write a review. The paints were high quality compared to other paints I’ve use. This was a fun and easy project for a beginner. I would order again.
  • R****C
    I’m enjoying this oil painting a lot. Instead of watching tv all day long now I spend time doing this oil painting. I don’t paint or anything but this painting makes me feel really good so definitely a great thing for beginners. Everything is pretty organized. My close painting isn’t that cool but from some distance it looks really professional.