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Reviews (6)
  • Su****en
    Had do much fun painting this picture. Looks great in my kitchen.
    Thank you VictoriasMoon
  • Vi****on
    Really good quality canvas and paints. My daughter loves it.
  • Ka****on
    Overall great outcome. I had to find smaller nicer brushes that the one provided. And there are several areas that are in marked. The yellow and orange hues are nearly translucent and ran out trying to do mutiple coats just to cover up the numbers. Regardless I’m please with the almost finished product. I will be ordering another one!
  • Sc****er
    Loved this activity. It's very detailed and took me about 1 month to finish but so relaxing and fun to watch the picture emerge. Plenty of paint and fast drying. Bought 2 more kits.
  • AN****TE
    I really couldn't get the middle seam out with ironing, they should've just sent it rolled and not folded. However, it was a lot of fun and it turned out great!
  • C****E
    Colors look different but it looks good. Will update when finished.