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Reviews (96)
  • N****a
    Loving it!!!!
  • Sy****ki
    Really enjoyed doing this painting. Took a while as so intricate but well worth it. It's beautiful.
  • Jo****ch
    A nice impressionistic picture. A little stingy in some paints while others in oversupply. Generally though a superior painting kit
  • Gr****rt
    I couldn't find a way to add a picture to my original review so created another. This painting took me longer than I expected and I ended up spending about two months on this as I did not paint every day. My original estimate was that it might take me a month to complete but that was just an estimate. I was not in a tearing hurry as my goal was to create a pleasing finished work. If you look carefully you will see that I have changed a few of the colours as supplied by VictoriasMoon. Here and there some others have been lightened. All in all I am very pleased with how it turned out.
  • Ga****ok
    Big Ben Diy Paint By Numbers Kits UK XB681
  • Da****rd
    My daughter loved this and we will be ordering more
  • Ja****is
    Arrived on time ,very pleased with it so far ,but some of the numbers are very hard to read ,and have used flash light ,magnifying mirror and still had to guess some of the numbers ,but looks good
  • Mr****lt
    Over the moon with my purchase.
  • We****rt
    Fabulous service and good quality products.
  • Je****th
    Painting turned out exactly as expected and looks incredible! Did have to use imagination in various areas as some sections didn't have numbers, however it didn't effect the final result. Very happy with how it looks and very straightforward and easy to complete.
  • Jo****le
    Big Ben Diy Paint By Numbers Kits UK B681
  • Va****on
    Not had a good look at it yet as it is a Christmas Present. It seems fine though
  • Ro****ir
    Thanks for the canvas all in good condition. Still to start painting as completing another canvas.Robert Muir.
  • J****e
    Very nice once completed, there are a few areas though where the number required is not clear or missing altogether. But with a bit of imagination it's not impossible to do. All in all very pleased with mine.
  • Al****ok
    Big Ben Diy Paint By Numbers Kits UK B681
  • Gr****rt
    I have done a few paint by numbers in the past and always enjoyed them. The idea of a canvas based paint by numbers looked interesting and the view of Big ben appealed to me so I decided to give it a go. The kit took two weeks to arrive but came in a nice box and the canvas was rolled around a foam core, so no creases to worry about. There were two identical sets of 24 paint pots that came with the package, so there was a spare pot for each colour. This was a pleasant surprise, as I never know if there is going to be enough paint to go round when doing a paint by numbers. The three brushes that came with the set were left unused as I had my own brushes. They looked better than some I have seen, but as I say I didn't use them. There was also an A4 reference sheet that came with the kit but I did not use it much. Instead I used the online image of the finished painting from the website. This was very helpful. The prospect of spending hours hunched over a table while painting did not appeal to me so I bought a ready made stretcher frame for £7 and stretched the canvas over that. This was then leaned against my makeshift easel. This worked out really well. The acrylic paint is good quality and goes on really well and gives good coverage. There is a lot of small detail in this picture so you are going to need some small brushes to capture it all. I found a no. 2 round for filling in the large patches of sky worked well, a size zero round worked well for blocking out the smaller patches of colour, and a size 3/0 round for filling in the edges of shapes worked well. For the finest detail work, the 3/0 struggled, so I switched to a 10/0 round to cope with the really tricky little spots.
    I must admit that some of the shades of the colours supplied were a little too dark for me so I lightened them up a tad with some white acrylic to make them blend in better. Have I enjoyed this enjoyed doing this paint by numbers?
    Yes I have!
    This has been a wonderful way to spend my spare time and although I am not finished yet, I am happy to spend a few hours each day, adding to the painting bit by bit. I will probably have spent a month working on this project in my spare time by the time I have finished
  • Li****in
    I am still currently working on this complex painting. It is made up of very tiny shapes and at first it was difficult to know exactly what I was painting! It is difficult to see some of the numbers, even with a magnifying glass and some in the tiny shapes are illegible. I took a picture on my iPhone of the finished product and found that helps to zone in on some areas I cannot identify. However, the painting is now taking shape and I am sure with continued focus it will be pleasing. I hope so as it is a gift for someone living overseas!!
    Just a post script that I was missing a paint pot in the order but this was addressed by Victoria’s Moon who sent it right away and provided good customer service.
  • Cl****er
    Painting is my therapy... calm and stress free time. Paints are all good quality and easy to get started and progress through the picture.
  • Ro****an
    I loved it !! It’s was really fun �
  • Ke****ds
    Not finished yet but loving the way it is turning out. Will try more from VictoriasMoon