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Reviews (5)
  • Ly****ns
    This was my second painting by numbers. When painting I kept thinking no these colours can't work but oh yes they do. Finished painting and now pride of place in the lounge and not just because we are in lockdown and nobody else will see it. I love it I fact all our paintings ( yes my husband does them as well) are proudly placed around the house!!
  • S****n
    Prompt delivery. Great project and great results. Thank you
  • An****ld
    Loved this and looks dramatic when done captures movement very well had lots of good comments when people saw it. I cant wait for my 3rd orders to come through any day now
  • De****sa
    was unsure that it wouldn't turn out right but oh my god it looks like a professional artist has done it I love it.
  • St****tt
    I havent yet painted Dancer Girl, but have completed, Lion and Memorial Tree and have enjoyed doing both. These kits have been a godsend during lockdown, kept me sane. My only complaint was there was no paper template for the Tree so I had to do a bit of guess work. In hindsight I should have taken a photo of the original canvas.